What is Physie? See our video!

If you are thinking you’d like to get your daughter into a physie class but still wondering what it is all about, take a look at this video.

This reel showcases what girls aged 5 to 12 years work towards from February, although all age groups up to ladies do much the same in their physie year – the 13 years to Open Elites have their National competition at the prestigious Sydney Opera House. This is Junior Nationals, held at The Concourse, Chatswood in early November each year.

Girls practice their APDA syllabus in class, which culminates in this event. We offer many other competitions along the way such as interclubs and teams before the girls have the opportunity to perform at their zone for national selection. Each competition is fun, friendly and the girls enjoy performing their routines on stage for their friends and family. Whilst not all girls may get selected to perform at nationals, most go along and support their club, their classmates and watch with the goal to return the following year and try again. That’s what physie is all about – having fun with your friends, performing and supporting, and improving on the year before!

For more information about our Junior classes you are welcome to call our wonderful teachers, Brenda (5-8 Years) or Karinda (9-12 Years) or contact us directly.

We can’t wait for 2017 to begin!



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