APDA National Team Championships 2017

We had fantastic results for our 2017 Teams campaign. Our club competes in what is called, Championship Grade, which is the highest grade possible. We had 18 beautiful teams entered across all age groups and we were so excited and very proud of the results over the past two weekends.

5-6 Years: 3rd Place
7-8 Years: 2nd Place – Blue team
Special mention to our Gold team
11-12 Years: 4th Place
13-15 Years: 5th Place
16-Intermediate Seniors: 1st Place – Blue Team, 6th Place – Gold Team
Open Elite: 1st Place – Blue team, 2nd Place – Gold team
Special mention to our “Jedi” team
Novice Ladies: 1st Place
Intermediate Ladies: 2nd Place
Under 40s: 1st Place
Special mention to “Alison’s” Unders
Over 40s: 1st Place
Over 50s: 2nd Place, 4th Place
Special mention to “Belinda’s” Team

Congratulations to all teams and a big thank you to our helpers and supporters. We are looking forward to working towards champion girl & champion lady!


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